Thursday, February 28, 2013

SharePoint 2010: Documents not routing in Drop Off Library

Drop Off Library, one of the very useful feature of SharePoint 2010 is very helpful when you have thousands of documents and you have to sort them out or redirect them to their owners or route them to their respective libraries. As you know that we need to activate the Content Organizer at out site level to use drop off libraries. Sometimes, the documents you send to the drop off libraries and not routed instantly in-spite of the fact that the rule you mentioned in the Content Organizer Rules is matching the documents. If this is your scenario, please try the following to get your routing started.

  • Make sure all the required fields for the content type you are routing has valid values in them
  • If you want to manually run the Content Organizer Processing job(in Central Admin), it will start the routing process and will route the documents instantly. This job is scheduled to run daily by default. Whenever this job runs and it cannot route the documents in the drop off library, it will send an email to the Rule manager stating the reason and some instructions.

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