Friday, March 8, 2013

SharePoint2010 : Setting Content Organizer Rules within Record Center

Setting rules within the Content Organizer is required to route your documents to send to their destination library. For the interim period they can sit within the Drop Off library, and based on the rules we set, they are routed to their destination library. As we activate Content Organizer within our site, the Drop Off library is created by default. This post describes how we can set the rules to route our documents which we send to Record center.

  • Go to Site Settings > Content Organizer Rules under Site Administration.
  • Click on Add Item.

  • Fill in the name for the rule.
  • Select the Rule Status and Priority
  • Select the Content Type (make sure you have added this content type to your destination library)
  • Most importantly, select the condition on which the routing should occur next.
  • Finally, select the Target library clicking on the browse button.
There you go, the rules are set now. You are good to send documents to your Record Center which will come to its Drop Off library and then routed to your destination library.

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